Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Haaretz had a story on the Ukrainian Jewish community's view of the election. Here're two quotes from Leonid Finberg, director of the Judaica Institute in Kyiv (link via The Yorkshire Ranter):

"Presenting [Yushchenko] as a person who supports anti-Semitism is a terrible distortion. His father was in Auschwitz, and it is known that his family saved Jews during the Holocaust. The Ukrainian intelligensia, including the Jews, supports him completely. He had made a great contribution to constructive dialogue between the Jewish and the Ukrainian intelligensia." [...]

Finberg attached little importance to graffiti calling to strike at Jews and Russians that was painted on the walls of clubs associated with Yushchenko, "There are nationalist and anti-Semitic elements on the fringes of all political personalities here. I have no doubt that Yushchenko and his people are not connected to this. Such graffiti can be found today all over the world, including Israel."

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