Saturday, November 20, 2004

I've heard the following prognosis again today: the election takes place, one of the candidates gets elected with just a slight advantage over his opponent, then the observers announce that there've been way too many violations, the results get cancelled and the new election is scheduled for spring 2005 - Yushchenko can't run for the second time, while Kuchma is free to do whatever he wants, which, most likely, would be to push someone truly loyal to him into power, someone we've heard very little or nothing of yet.

Today, someone was talking about this scenario on Channel 5; I also heard about it before the first round, and in the past three weeks, and I read about it in a few papers, and I even remember my friend at the Kuchma Administration talk about it.

If nothing else, this would be such an unforgivable waste of money.

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