Monday, November 08, 2004

I woke up from a weird dream today: a male voice of someone I didn't see was addressing Putin, in a slightly too familiar manner, considering it was Russia's President he was speaking to:

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, how come you showed up in Ukraine just a few days before the election there? You did it as if it was your job, to communicate with the Ukrainians, to sit on their TV and tell them good things about their prime minister, Yanukovych. And yet, you've hardly ever been so fussy about the Russians, haven't you? When the submarine was sinking, you were vacationing in Sochi, and when they seized the school in Beslan, you were God knows were, too, not bothering to address your own citizens when the urgency/emergency existed. Which country is your priority, man?

I did see Putin in this dream: he sat across a very polished wooden table from this unseen someone and, obviously, was facing a window - the blinding sunlight poured right at him and he was forced to squint real hard, and it looked as if he was grimacing like some naughty kid, or was trying not to cry.

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