Friday, November 05, 2004

A friend from Odesa has forwarded me this link to a piece on the election in Ukraine in the Spectator (Western Aggression, by John Laughland). Laughland is a trustee of the British Helsinki Human Rights Group, an organization that has been observing the first round of the election.

This is the letter to the editor I've just sent regarding Laughland's piece:

Dear Editor,

This is a ridiculously superficial and uninformed take on the situation in Ukraine, and a one-sided, prejudiced view on the country's politics.

However, judging by Mr. Laughland's Sept. 8 piece in The Guardian, The Chechens' American Friends, he is being fully consistent in making the impression that Boris Berezovsky has failed to bribe him enough and Vladimir Putin has succeeded.


Veronica Khokhlova
Kyiv, Ukraine

The Guardian story I'm referring to is here.

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  1. John Laughland and his so-called "British Helsinki Human Rights Group" (which has nothing whatsoever to do with any Helsinki Act-related organization), as you can most likely see from their website, have nothing whatsoever to do with promoting human rights, and very much to do with upholding the rights of tyrants the world over to tyrannise their populations. I wish I could understand why a magazine like the Spectator gives him so much space as they do.

    Dominic Heaney,
    London, UK. (But one-time resident of Odesa)