Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Blogger was down again... And now it's working again!!!

I didn't go to the train station for personal reasons and also because I've been told that Yanukovych fans are now gone. A friend of mine just told me that when they were seeing their friend off Friday night (at the time of the meeting between Yu and Ya and Ku and the rest), the pro-Yanukovych rally was over by then but the guys were still there, hanging out in the underground crossing, with beer, cold, hungry and tired, but not angry or aggressive, eager to chat with the pro-Yushchenko guys... (The "East and West together" slogan that I couldn't remember yesterday night came to me in Ukrainian as soon as I turned off the computer - Skhid ta zakhid razom! - so simple...)

At Independence Square, Yushchenko said there might be attempts by the riot police to destroy the tents tonight, around 8 pm (it's 4 pm now). Hopefully, it's just another rumor (though many believe that all these rumors are based on the very real threats that keep being averted through pressure and negotiations).

The pro-Yushchenko parliamentarians have started collecting signatures for the resignation of Yanukovych as prime minister; they expect to have 150 signatures needed for the parliament to consider the issue by Tuesday. I wonder if it's possible to also start doing something to impeach Kuchma (I'm not sure how it works, though). In any case, this signature thing seems to be one of those real steps toward the victory that Yushchenko keeps talking about.

While nearly 300 pro-Yushchenko people rallied by the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow today (located on a very narrow street - it must have looked pretty impressive, even though 300 isn't that much), Moscow's mayor Yuri Luzhkov arrived in Ukraine to meet with Yanukovych and the crazy guys who want to create the East-Southern Autonomy. First Luzhkov was in Luhansk, then moved to Severodonetsk (a town that used to have really good tennis courts and coaches in the Soviet times; Nikolai Davydenko, one of Russia's best players, is originally from Severodonetsk, though he spent much of the 90s training in Germany). Anyway, Luzhkov is here - hopefully, his efforts will end as pathetically as they did in Adzharia earlier this year.

Obozrevatel, a news site with an attitude, informative and worth checking regularly, now has news in English, HERE.

It's not too cold outside, though there was some snow earlier, and there are many many people, whole families, out there. I'm sure there'll be even more by 8 pm.

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