Monday, November 01, 2004

About an hour and a half ago, Channel 5 was showing the head of the Central Election Commission live, announcing some of the preliminary results. First, there was Kharkiv region, pretty scary: Yanukovych over 60 percent, Yushchenko less than 20. Then, there was Kyiv: the guy stared at his computer screen for about a minute without saying a word; he looked concerned, and puzzled, and quite dumb. Finally, he said: Yushchenko 58 percent, Yanukovych 15 percent (I'm not sure about the figures, I just happened to be in the room at that moment and wasn't prepared for anything extraordinary, I don't even remember the guy's last name - but these figures are pretty close...). And Channel 5 switched to their studio immediately, letting Yulia Timoshenko - who looked totally gorgeous - comment on what they've just heard. That was so hilarious - a very embarrassing moment for Yanukovych fans.

Some fifteen minutes ago, I heard someone screaming outside. I opened the balcony door and saw two young guys passing through our backyard and yelling - Yushchenko! Yushchenko! - in a somewhat discordant way, but definitely happily. That was nice, too.

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