Monday, October 18, 2004

Thousands of people showed up at the pro-Yushchenko rally in Kyiv on Saturday, Oct. 16. None of the Russian TV channels mentioned it, but the EuroNews did. I wanted to post a picture or two from the rally here right away but couldn't find any that were representative enough. Today, I've found quite a bunch, through the site of Victor Yushchenko's bloc, Our Ukraine.


Looks pretty exciting, and I guess I wish I were in Kyiv, not in St. Pete, now. But I'll be there soon, and the way the situation is developing, we're definitely gonna have a few more rallies like this...

Then again, I feel I've had enough of politics and drama and tragedy and bullshit in the past month and a half to last me a few years: I do need a break from it all. I know who I'm voting for - so leave me alone now. I realized it today, when I received an email from a friend who, among other things, wrote this about the pre-election Ukraine: "Even before having sex people now ask each other who they'll vote for." That's partly a joke, I know. But I also know how close it is to the truth. It's making me sick. Really. I'm sort of glad I'm not there now.

The vote is in 13 days.

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  1. LoL. Thanks for the snapshots of people in your part of the world -- and the joke. Just surface feeding in the news here in the U.S. one would hardly know there is a Ukraine. This is a valuable service. Hopefully everyone will be getting back to apolitical sex in a short while.

    Too bad about The Religious Policeman. I was depending upon his regular reports to inform me of what's going on in Arabia. Now nothing. It is sad when voices are silenced.

    Good luck to you and yours in the elections and everything else.