Friday, September 10, 2004

An update on how to help the Beslan victims:

Yesterday, the government announced that the relatives of those who died during the Beslan siege would be receiving about $3,500 in aid; those who were badly injured would get about $1,700; those with light injuries would get about $860; and those who were held hostage but escaped unharmed would get slightly over $500. Also, the families of the dead have received about $1,500 for funeral expenses ($620 from the federal budget and nearly $900 from the local, North Osetian, budget). [CORRECTION: I've just read on that the money from the federal budget (slightly over $4,000 per each family of the dead) hasn't yet arrived in North Osetia. Overall, 1,300 people are eligible for various types of compensation after the Beslan tragedy.]

Part of the donations that have already been received will be spent on medical treatment and equipment, part on the reconstruction of the school and other such matters. What's left will be distributed among the families.

Kommersant newspaper and the Russian Aid Fund have announced that they would "publish a list of bank accounts for the parents of children who were severely injured in the Beslan siege and families who lost a provider" by Sept. 15 and thus it'd be possible to help these people, "bypassing general charity funds."

Here's some additional info on the fund's activity:

We have done so after the tragedies with the miners and police, terrorist attacks, and once even after a large Moscow domestic catastrophe. Our action to support the widows and mothers of sailors of the sunken Kursk submarine was very well received abroad.

I'm inclided to trust them and hope this option proves to be as efficient as it sounds.

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