Friday, September 03, 2004

The Chief Rabbi's condemnation is nothing - no one would've noticed if he hadn't said it. The news people were probably just trying to imitate some activity, an update for an update's sake.

With Maskhadov it must be different, though I didn't think about it yesterday. I doubt the TV people will report his condemnation so the online place posted it partly because nothing else was going on, and partly because he did make that statement, which isn't a big deal since he's a "usual suspect" (and rightly so, I guess; maybe he's not directly behind it, but could have been a source of inspiration; this is pure politics, though, and I'm not good at figuring it out).

Anyway, to me those two little updates looked too anti-climactic - you are waiting for the shit to end and instead you get all this empty talk.

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